Welcome to Project Ilios, a student-led initiative to store projects, articles, and other information regarding the sun. We aim to share and archive our journey as we explore solar activity.

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Our Mission

Our mission is to record the solar projects taking place within the three collaborating organizations and share our findings so that you can have an interactive experience with solar activity.


Currently, we are partnering with Sibley Center, Riverbend Community Math Center, and La Casa De Amistad to bring forth our solar initiatives.


Some of our ongoing projects include: establishing solar panels on the rooftop of La Casa before July 1st, creating solar learning tools, and polishing our archive.


Over the course of our projects, we are cataloging our projects and research into a blog format. Here you can find anything from what we are working on to fun facts about the sun.


Here you can find information on all of our solar-based projects, as well as instructions on how to complete your own activities.