Solar Arrays at Showcase

Among the energy-saving initiatives featured at the City of South Bend’s EASSI Showcase was the solar array atop La Casa de Amistad, one of eighteen projects served by the Department of Sustainability’s Energy Assistance and Solar Savings Initiative (EASSI). Included in the La Casa material was an aerial image taken by a drone. Several EASSIContinue reading “Solar Arrays at Showcase”

Second Array on North Roof

A second array of solar panels is in place on the northern roof of La Casa de Amistad in South Bend, IN. With the solar panels from Crossroads Solar being mounted vertically, the ballast system is different than the original array on the slanted southern roof. An electrician from Wellspring Solar is wiring the solarContinue reading “Second Array on North Roof”

Solar Panels In Place

A solar array atop La Casa de Amistad is in place, with wires in conduit leading from the rows of solar panels, through four inverters, and back to an electrical panel. From there electricians will install wiring, breakers, and meters to connect the sun-generated energy to the building and to the grid. The panels forContinue reading “Solar Panels In Place”

Flights and Fancies

After imaging the new rooftop at La Casa de Amistad, the Project Ilios team finished the June 11, 2022, meeting with some free form flights. Here are excerpts. Prepping the drone includes securing the propellers and propeller guards. The team flew an Orbit flight over La Casa de Amistad, followed by a Rectangular Mission. ForContinue reading “Flights and Fancies”

Flights Record Sibley Rooftop

Project Ilios team members who flew the drone over Sibley Center on June 5, 2022, recorded videos while flying manually, conducted a full Orbit flight, and completed half of a Rectangular Mission. Two videos recorded by Ashley and Brianna during manual flights over Sibley Center are online at Overflight of Sibley-1 and Overflight of Sibley-2. A collection ofContinue reading “Flights Record Sibley Rooftop”

New Drone Target Required

With perhaps the best drone-flying weather since Project Ilios started, a Rectangular Mission and several simple Orbit flights yielded excellent images over La Casa de Amistad on Saturday, May 28. The only problem: roof repairs were underway. Prior to installing a new solar array, La Casa de Amistad is replacing its roof. While part ofContinue reading “New Drone Target Required”

Successful Flights Disappear

The micro-SD card that stores data on the drone suggested that it was full, so we offloaded those files and flew again. The ensuing Orbit flight and Rectangular Mission over La Casa de Amistad were both seemingly successful. However, when Ben and Isaac completed those flights and we tried to download the files, nothing. AContinue reading “Successful Flights Disappear”

Drone Exercises

Today we practiced basic drone maneuvers that will help us improve our flying. Using a variety of exercises we were able to become more comfortable using the controls on the drones. Over time these exercises will increase in difficulty and specialization, helping us further prepare for flying the Autel drone. Flight patterns for the droneContinue reading “Drone Exercises”

First Flights Prepare the Team

More team members from Project Ilios flew the Autel EVO 2 Pro drone outside the Sibley Center in preparation for a future roof survey. After warming their fingers with toy drones inside, they seized favorable weather and took to the sky. Rather than relying on the drone’s auto-landing feature, team members brought the craft accuratelyContinue reading “First Flights Prepare the Team”